Planned for Autumn, 2012. Note and info from Director Chris Harshman:

I have been listening to literature throughout the summer as well as looking at select repertoire lists (I encourage you to do the same). There are many pieces I am excited to program for this year, and will settle on our first program in the next few weeks. To get things started, I have chosen one piece I would like to share with you: Percy Grainger’s Children’s March (Over the Hills and Far Away) This is a delightful march built upon a “Folk” melody and full of wonderful rhythmic and harmonic variations. I love the sweetness of Grainger’s melodies in combination with his poignant use of dissonance – you can here the joy of children’s play and the sting of childhood “lessons learned” in this piece. Grainger shares a great sense of imagination. (For more information on the piece, go to:

I plan to program for our first concert: Suite of Old American Dances, by Robert Russell Bennet. You can listen to the piece here:  This is considered one of the very finest pieces for Wind Band, and offers many opportunities for musicians to shine.

Past Selections

Date: June 10, 2012

American Overture for Band                        Joseph Wilcox Jenkins
Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral             Richard Wagner
Ireland: Of Legend and Lore                       Robert W. Smith
Fantasia in G Major                                        J. S. Bach
Charlie Chaplin Band Portrait                     Arr. Floyd E. Werle
Lincolnshire Posy                                            Percy Grainger


Archive: A list of works we have performed over the years is available as a PDF document.

last modified: September 4, 2012